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Puri Abhada Meetha Dali/Meetha Dali/Sweet Dal- An authentic delicaie of Odisha from Puri Jagganath Temple!!

Puri Abhada Meetha Dali/Meetha Dali/Sweet Dal- An authentic delicacy of Odisha from Puri Jagganath Temple!!

Preparation Time:5 Min
Cooking Time: 15 Min
Total Preparation Time : 20 Min

Authentic and very  famous dal of odisha's "Meetha dali" served as maha prasad in puri Jagannath temple!!!Jai Jagannath

Meetha dali is my favorite dish in Mahaprasd I just want to dig in every time abhadha/mahaprasad bought at our home!!.Really miss those authentic delicacies of my motherland.😟🙁🙁
We always make sure when ever we visit our hometown definitely visit Jagganath Dham(Puri) for sure!.
So remembering the name of Lord Jagganth let's start..

Course: Main Course(Pure Vegetarian)
Cuisine: East India
Servings :4 persons


Arhar dal only-2 cup 
Water-3 cup
Ginger-1/2inch grated 
Pure ghee-2tbs 
Salt to taste

  • Place a pressure cooker add dal,water,salt , jaggery,sugar,grated ginger,turmeric
  • Give 2 whistle (please see the consistency in the picture ,dal consistency should be like batter consistency n it should be cooked but not over cooked)
  • Let it cool completely
  • Now place a kadahi put ghee and once the ghee is heated
  • Add mustard n let it crackle 
  • Now pour the boiled dal  and wait it to boil (1 boil) then off the gas stove!!
  • Serve hot with ghee rice or Kanika!!

Thank you all for showing your interest in my blog!!!
Will be back soon with a more authentic recipes  of Odisha!!!


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