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Pariba Kanji/conjee/Rice Porridge with vegetables-Odisha Authentic Dish-Desi Soup

Pariba Kanji/conjee/Rice Porridge with vegetables-Odisha Authentic Dish-Desi Soup

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time:  12 minutes
Total Preparation Time : 17 Minutes

When it come to making soup and immediately all Chinese and all other soup will come to our worries even mine tooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. But thought to why not our desi soup which we had in our childhood days. We hardly know about hot n sour soup,man chow soup,sweet corn soup..etc. Soup means in our childhood days is "kanji/Conjee".

Kanji is a traditional dish of Odisha and very popular in every home.It's a rice porridge in soupy form with many vegetables and  has it's own sourness and spicy taste.The kanji is prepared out of rice water stock(stocked more than 3 days)...It has his own sourness..But in winter it's prepared freshly by adding curd to it...There are many variation of kanji/conjee.
Pariba Kanji/vegetable rice porridge is prepared specially in winter's,when we can avail veggies abundantly!!!
So let's start.. 



Rice water stock 4 cup
Curd 1/2 cup whisked
Rice mashed 1/2 cup
Radish 1/4 cup chopped in circles
Pumpkin 1/4 cup chopped in thin slices
Green peas 1 cup
Green peas skin(optional)
Garlic 12 pods crushed
Green chilli 2 crushed
Vegetable oil 2tsp
Curry leaves few

  • Place your sauce pan add rice water stock add all veggies to it and bring it boil
  • Let all veggie cooked properly
  • Take out those green peas skin
  • Now add curd and mashed rice(can use blender to make a paste)
  • Whisk it properly
  • Now add the mixture to boil rice water stock
  • Now place your mini frying pan add oil, once heated add crushed garlic n green chillies n curry leaves just saute it for a minute and transfer it to boiling kanji
  • Now off the gas and close the pan with lid
  • Serve hot with rice and can consume as soup also
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