Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Instant Soupy Noodles

Instant Soupy Noodles

Preparation Time:5mins
Cooking Time: 7 Minutes
Total Cooking Time :12 minutes

Being an Indian kid of 90's grown up eating instant noodles(Maggie) as our snacks!!. Even  today mom's prefer Maggie as snacks, though now there are many varieties of instant noodles/ flavored noddles are available in the market.
And this generation kids learn to prepare instant noodles first as there first lesson of Cooking!!! And I believe they can have these in all the three meals, as its easy and take less time to cook.!

Every one prepare those instant noodle in their favorite way. And all I can say all the variation's are equally delicious!.I have came with my favorite way with my favorite brand of Instant noodles!

Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: East India
Servings: 2 person

Chings schezwan Noodles- 2 slices
Chings Veg Manchurian instant Mix-1 tbsp
Cauliflower-1 tbsp finely chopped
French beans-1 finely chooped
Onion-1 small size finely chopped
Tomato-1 tbsp finely chopped
Green chilly 1 finely chopped
Capsicum-2 tbsp finely chopped
Tomato sauce-1 tbsp
Chilly Sauce 1 tbsp
Vegetable Oil -1 tbsp
Water 2 1/2 cup=1 tbsp
salt to taste

  • Place a fry pan or kadhai add oil and once the oil is heated
  • Add onion, green chilly, culiflower, tomoto, capsicum and french beans
  • Now add a pinch of salt and saute it for 5 minutes on medium flame
  • Now cover it with lid and cook it in simmer
  • Shallow fry till all  all the vegetables evenly cooked
  • Now add water and take a small bowl add chings manchurian mix and water and mix it properly (without lumps)
  • Add the mix to water and add the instant noodles and taste maker
  • Add sauce's to it
  • Cook it till noodles are cooked.
  • Serve hot
Thank you all for showing your interest in my blog!!!
Will be back soon with a more recipes  with my twist!!!

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