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Ghugni/White Peas Gravey-Odisha delicacy

Ghugni/White Peas Gravey-Odisha delicacy

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Total Preparation Time : 35 Minutes

Ghugni is an very famous in Odisha. Dried white peas is cooked with gravy, in the traditional eastern Indian style. It is then served with every thing from morning breakfast,lunch evening snacks and dinner too. It is also served with Poori too.

Ghugni is paired with every breakfast and snack like "Idli ghugni", "Vada ghugni", "Samosa ghugni", "Aloo chop ghugni" etc....list is long.

I have every weird memory with this dish 😀😉. I have troubled my Maa alot..😞😔.I never liked this dish in my childhood day's and never knew when fall in love with this dish. This dish is my hubby favorite one!.Even I promised to share this recipe while ago. When shared the recipe of dhai bara/vada.
Every one prepare this dish in their favorite way. And all I can say all the variation's are equally delicious!.I have came with my favorite way... let's start.

Course: Main Course(Vegetarian)
Cuisine: East India
Servings :4 persons


White Peas(2 cup) soaked in water overnight or 5 hours
Masala Paste(grind onion,garlic,ginger,coriander seeds,cumin,dry red chilli,green chiili,bay leaf,cinnamon, cardamom)
Potatoes(2 small size) chopped into cubes(optional)
Medium Tomato 1(fine slice)
Bay leaf 1 

Mustard oil 10 tbsp
Kashmir chilli powder 
11/2 tbsp 
Turmeric powder 
1/2 tsp 
1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves 
1tbsp freshly chopped 
4-5 cup

For Masala

2 Medium onions(roughly chopped)
Garlic 8-10 pods
Ginger 1inch (roughly chopped)
2 Dry red chilli
1 Green chilli

1 inch cinnamon
2 cardamom

Procedure to Make Masala:

Place all ingredients into mixie jar and put little water and  grind to paste.

  • Place a pressure cooker add the oil and once the oil is heated
  • And now add sugar to it
  • Let the sugar to caramelized (don't burn it) 
  • Now add bay leaf 
  • Now add in tomatoes and cook till the tomatoes turn little mushy.
  • Now add the turmeric and chilli powder,saute it for a few seconds
  • Time for masala to go in, saute it for 5 minutes
  • Add soaked white peas and saute till it roasted and cooked( all raw smell of masala goes off and oil start coming from sides)
  • Now add fried potatoes
  • Now add water and bring this whole thing to a good boil, cover the lid give 2-3 whistle
  • Let it cool completely, then open the lid and check if the peas are not cooked can give required wistle .
  • Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Ghugni serve hot with with idli,vada,rice or chapatis( Indian breads).
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