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Kandi Podi/ Dal Powder/Gun Powder South India famous Recipe

Kandi Podi/South India famous Recipe
Preparation Time:10 mins
Cooking Time:20 mins
Total Cooking Time:30 mins

Today I have came with a very famous recipe of South called as 'Podi/gun powder".
Andhra style paruppu podi/Kandi podi is a spice mix powder or podi which is flavorful and protein-packed. Kandi podi is a classic Andhra recipe made with roasted toor dal (arhar dal/split pigeon peas), chana dal (bengal gram dal/split chickpeas), dry red chili, cumin seeds finely ground to a coarse powder. This can also be called as Andhra style gun powder.
I just loved the garlic version!!! 

Course:All Types
Cuisine: South India
Servings:10 persons

1 small cup tur dal(split pigeon peas)
1 small cup bengal gram/channa dal(Split chickpeas)
1 1/4 tbsps cumin seeds
7-8 dried red chillis (adjust )
10-15 garlic pods
15 curry leaves
1/2 tsp asafoetida
salt to taste

  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add toor dal (arhar dal/split pigeon peas), chana dal (bengal gram dal/split chickpeas) and dry roast on low to medium.
  • Keep stirring constantly till they turn golden brown but don't burn them. 
  • Remove from pan and keep aside ,let it cool completely.
  • In the same pan put the cumin seeds and  roast them on medium heat for 2minutes(till it splutter).Remove and let it cool.
  • Now drip some oil in the pan, add the dry red chillies, garlic and curry leaves and stir fry for 3-4 mts. Remove and cool.
  • Once cool, grind all the ingredients to a slightly coarse or a rough texture. Add salt to taste and astefodia and give it a good mix. Store in an air-tight container.
  • Serve hot with white steamed rice and ghee.
  • Goes very good with dosa/idli and can be used in preparing veggies fry too!
Thank you all for showing your interest in my blog!!!
I will upload few recipes use of podi.
Will be back soon with a more traditional recipes of India with my twist!!!

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